Thirty lets you have 30-second live video chats with your friends, family, and even celebrities. Download now and start having fun!


Discover what all the buzz is about!

Our real-time video chat app is fun, addicting, and genuine. Start using 30 today and see for yourself. Download now to get started!

More Connections. More Smiles.

There were tweets, then posts, then stories, and now we have 30s.

These intimate, one-of-a-kind interactions are not only a great way to simply stay in touch, but they also bring you closer to your favorite bands, celebrities, and influencers than any other app. You don't interact by watching some story that is sent to all the fans, instead, you actually get to have a real moment with some of the most interesting people in the world today.

Making calls is fast, easy, and does not require wi-fi.

Start a video chat with a single tap. You then have 30 seconds to say "hello", "check this out", or simply "I miss you". Have your authentic moment by making quick, meaningful connections with friends in an overly curated world.

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